Ms. Annie, MSW-EDU
Educational Director/Owner
Mrs. Clara, CDA

All of these facilities are center based and located near all forms of public transportation, including highways and parkways.

The owners and staff believe that the core of education begins at this level. Having the children enmeshed in an environment where they are excited to come every day will have a positive effect on the rest of their educational journey. All of the staff are cleared through DOH and are trained in CPR and First Aide. Most importantly, everyone at this facility has a passion for educating children and helping them find their inner strengths.

After viewing our website and learning about our facility, we hope to have introduced you to a world of learning through caring, education, exploration and fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and/or arrange an on-site tour. Thank you for your taking your time, and we hope you enjoyed the introduction to our world.
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